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Our Solutions

Accounting & Tax

We use an online accounting system where we obtain direct bank feed to prepare administrative tasks. We provide you access to this online service 24/7.


We communicate with you over the phone and emails however for document exchange we provide you access to our secured portal where you upload documents for our accounting work. We use the same portal to hand over our completed work.

Audit of DIY Super Fund

Legislation requires that you get the funds financial statements and compliance with SIS Act & Regulations audited before we can lodge your funds income tax return. We can refer you to a list of auditors who we work closely with and you can select one of them or we are happy to work with your auditor.

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You do not have a DIY Super Fund

We cannot help you, if you do not have a DIY Super fund as we are not licensed to provide any financial advice. But if you have already taken advice from a financial planner, you can instruct us to set up a DIY Super Fund for you by clicking the button below.

Start a New Fund

You have a DIY Super Fund

You can engage our services by registering on our online portal. Once you are registered, you can add details of your fund and upload your fund documents for our engagement. If you prefer to meet us first, please contact us

   Existing Fund